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Public relations (PR) often feels like a mystery. Many of our clients know they need PR to boost their brand’s visibility and reputation, but they don’t know where to start. Generally, the obstacles begin when trying to answer very foundational (and crucial!) questions: 

What is my brand’s story? And how do I tell it?

At Finesse, we’re here to help you find the answers. Let’s remove your barriers to great PR and ensure your journey ahead is clear and achievable.

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Brand Storytelling Is Essential

We always emphasise a key difference between marketing and PR: in marketing, you talk about yourself; in PR, you want people to talk about you. 

“To me, when it comes to successful PR strategy, there are several elements that have to come together to tell a story worthy of making it into the media,” says Finesse Group CEO Jo Caruana.

As a StoryBrand-certified agency, we know that a compelling story is the cornerstone of effective PR. It does more than inform; it connects with people. 

Storytelling in PR is about creating a narrative that resonates with your audience, reflects your brand values, and differentiates you from the competition. It’s about sharing the human elements of your brand that people can relate to and care about. 

This involves uncovering the unique aspects of yourself, your brand’s journey, challenges, successes, and the values that drive you. When you weave these elements into a cohesive story, they capture media interest and build a deeper connection with your audience.

A well-told story can transform your brand from a faceless entity into a relatable and engaging presence. It allows you to share your mission, vision and values in an authentic and impactful way. By focusing on storytelling, PR professionals can create narratives that inspire, influence and drive conversations.

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Craft a Strong Brand Identity

When building her PR career, Jo consistently found herself asking clients the same questions to elicit the most crucial qualities that accurately portray them and their goals. This realisation led Jo to her GOTHAM Framework – the best way to reveal the unique genius within each of her clients.

“I created the GOTHAM Framework to discover the best stories for our clients to tell. I consolidated the processes that I’d organically walk through with clients and created a structured guide that my team could use as a repeatable process with their own clients,” explains Jo. 

“Each element in the framework tells a different part of the client’s story. When the pieces come together, it is nearly impossible for the story not to be of interest.” 

Using the GOTHAM Framework, PR professionals can uncover and craft compelling PR strategies highlighting the unseen aspects of their clients’ brands and ensuring their stories capture attention.

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How to Use the GOTHAM Framework

We all have an original story to tell. Sometimes, it just takes a little digging to bring it to the surface. The GOTHAM Framework is your step-by-step guide to self-reflection. It is the tool you need to generate impactful human-centric stories from an angle that works for your audience. 

Let’s dive into each step of the GOTHAM Framework to construct your stellar PR strategy.

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1. G is for Genius

What’s your expertise? 

The first step in the GOTHAM Framework is acknowledging your subject matter expertise. You must uncover what you excel at and what unique proficiency you bring to the table. 

Ask yourself:

  • If I won a gold medal, what would it be for?
  • What can I confidently advise others on?
  • What questions do people come to me for?

In Jo’s case, her genius is PR and getting stories into the media. What’s something you are really good at?

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2. O is for Originality

What makes you unique?

Next, uncover what makes your brand original. Reflect on the traits that set you apart from your competition. 

Ask yourself:

  • What do people like chatting with you about?
  • What’s a story you tell at dinner parties?
  • What fun fact makes you different?

Take our client Gen from Grow Better Together. Gen’s genius lies in team performance coaching and the transformation of organisational culture. Aside from her HR and coaching expertise though, what makes her original?

Gen used to travel with Cirque du Soleil, which is definitely not something you hear from every career coach! With this uncommon history, Gen brings a unique perspective to her consultations and gives the media an interesting fact to play with.

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3. T is for Timely

How are you relevant NOW?

To make your story compelling, explain why it’s relevant. 

Ask yourself:

  • What’s the link between your brand’s services and the wider world? 
  • Why should people care about it?

For example, a company created a wellness app to help users de-stress and focus on their mental health. When the pandemic hit, the team noticed that society was increasingly stressed, and mental health conditions were worsening. Inspired, they positioned their brand and app as the solution to heightened stress and anxiety, making their story newsworthy and essential for their audience.

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4. H is for Human

Who is interested?

Identifying who your story impacts is crucial. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • If you discovered your product/service, who would you recommend it to?
  • What goals do your services/products help your audience achieve?

Your brand’s story could impact a variety of people. For each interested group, craft a variation of your story that speaks directly to their needs and interests.

Take the example of Gen from Grow Better Together. She can identify multiple audiences interested in her expertise. However, she can engage an additional relevant audience by considering her unique background with Cirque du Soleil. Gen’s experience with the circus garners particular interest from people in the entertainment industry looking for change. 

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5. A is for Authority

What makes you credible?

Ask yourself:

  • What is your expertise in your industry?
  • What qualifications/experiences make you a credible source?
  • Why should the media and your audience trust you?

One of our clients, Keith Lauver, demonstrates his authority through his impressive track record of entrepreneurship. Keith helps businesses get their feet off the ground and launch their first product. 

Why should businesses trust Keith to help them achieve their goals? Because Keith has done it several times himself! Throughout his career spanning 30+ years, Keith has founded, scaled and sold businesses, demonstrating his ability to launch a variety of products and services successfully. If Keith failed to recognise and articulate this authority, he would risk missing out on business opportunities.

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6. M is for Media

Which media is right for you?

Finally, determine the best media to communicate your message. 

Ask yourself:

  • Where does your ideal audience hang out? 
  • Which publications and channels do they consume? 
  • How can you get your story into their line of sight?

Your amazing article that perfectly tells your brand’s story is worthless if the right reader doesn’t see it. For example, our tech client Daylight Computer Co. recently gained exposure in The Verge, a highly respected technology publication, and the article generated a lot of buzz. But would it have been as effective had it been published in National Geographic instead? Definitely not!

Following the GOTHAM Framework step-by-step opens storytelling avenues that you might have otherwise overlooked. After working through the GOTHAM Framework, you will expose a number of angles to inspire your PR strategies. 

“This process helps us create ‘aha’ moments for clients who may have never realised all the different ways they could provide value,” Jo emphasises.

With the GOTHAM Framework in your back pocket, you can uncover your brand’s real story and capture the elements you need to pave the way to boosting your bottom line through impactful PR. And remember, we’re here to help! If you need a hand in discovering your unique identity and telling your compelling story, book a call with Jo today.

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