Tools we can’t live without at Finesse Group

Our top tools


Finances made simple – FreeAgent keeps our books in order so we can focus on growth. Their all-encompassing accounting software has every feature we need!

Business Made Simple subscriptions

Business Made Simple eliminates the anxiety that comes along with starting a small business. Their annual subscriptions provide business owners with a fool-proof business growth plan along with access to many other resources.

StoryBrand Livestream

Are you feeling uneasy about the quality of your marketing plan? Try StoryBrand’s virtual coaching tool! This 2-day livestream leaves business owners feeling confident and ready to implement their improved marketing plan.

StoryBrand Marketing Assessment

Similar to StoryBrand’s livestream, their Marketing Assessment is a wonderful resource for businesses looking for a detailed and tailored marketing plan. Hundreds of businesses have seen success with this tool – your business could be next!

London Nootropics

London Nootropics began developing adaptogenic coffee blends in March 2020, and since then they have aided their customers in boosting productivity, staying balanced, and finding their flow.

PR Tools


Finding the perfect podcast has never been easier! PodcastWise connects us to top-notch podcast hosts & helps us get our clients a moment in the spotlight.


When searching for journalist contacts, Apollo is a lifesaver. Their extensive database allows us to locate relevant journalists and build necessary relationships.

Hello Scribe

Capturing ideas with flair – Hello Scribe turns our thoughts into captivating content. This AI tool reduces our brainstorming time while still providing ideal results.

Productivity Tools


Our daily source of seamless communication! Slack keeps our team connected like never before.


Time tracking made easy – Toggl ensures we’re efficient and our projects are on point.


Asana: the secret sauce behind our project management success. It keeps our tasks on track, our goals in sight, and our teams in sync.

Design & Business Tools


With Canva, design brilliance is at our fingertips. Canva empowers our creativity and branding – it is a must-have if you want the most appealing graphics!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is the canvas for our digital dreams and artistic endeavors. With more than 20 creative apps, Adobe Cloud allows us to bring our brand to life while staying organized.

Small Business Flight School

Tired of worrying about keeping your business afloat? With StoryBrand’s small business flight school, you will have all the resources you need to grow your business and double your revenue.