Finesse Consulta Courses

Business Etiquette & Communication

This introductory course gives your team the skills to communicate effectively in the business world, and provides insight into the etiquette and protocol that will make them stand out.

Optional topics include:

– Making a Great First Impression

– Office Etiquette – Clients & Colleagues

– The Dos and Don’ts of Client Communication

– The Etiquette of Organisation

– Phone, Email, Social, and Written Etiquette

– Dressing for Success

– Body Language

– Hosting Skills

– Dining Etiquette

– Networking for Success

Cross-Cultural Consultancy

Are you working more globally? Will you be hosting international VIPs? Do you need to work in a cross-cultural team and in a cross-cultural environment?

This half- or full-day course provides insight into cross-cultural intelligence and how to achieve it.

Optional topics include:

– Understanding Culture

– Recognising Cultural Differences

– Verbal and Written Communication

– Building Business Relationships in a Global Workplace

– Establishing Rapport and Building Trust

– Hosting International VIPs

– Gift Giving

– Breaking Down Barriers to Build a Team

– Key Cultural Insights

Customer Care Training

Today’s customers demand the best-possible service.

Is your team able to meet and exceed their expectations?

At Finesse Consulta, our fun and engaging half- and full-day courses encourage participants to think differently and to demand the best of themselves.

Optional topics include:

– Building a Customer Care Strategy

– Crafting a Professional Approach

– Dressing for Success

– Making a Great First Impression

– Dealing with Complaints… and Compliments

– Communicating Effectively – Internally and Out

– Non-Verbal Communication

– Communication via Phone, Email and in Person

– Business Etiquette

– Time Management

– Attitudes for Service

– Exceeding Customer Expectations

Social Etiquette and Personal Finesse

Social etiquette is all about making the people around you feel comfortable, while giving you the confidence to interact to your full potential in every situation – whether a high- end event, a job interview or while hosting guests at home.

Our social etiquette specialist will work personally with you to help hone the skills that you like to develop. Optional topics include:

– Social Etiquette and General Behaviour

– Networking Skills

– CV Presentation and Job Interview Skills

– Being the Perfect Host

– Laying the Perfect Table

– Your Personal Brand and Image

– The Art of Afternoon Tea

– Effective Personal Communication

– How to Plan a Memorable Event

Media Training

From public relations to crisis management, all forward-thinking businesses need to take an active approach to working with the media.

Our courses are taught by PR professionals and working journalists, and will help you to maximise on the exposure you get in print, online and on other platforms.

These half- or full-day course covers the following optional topics:

– Who’s Who in the Media?

– What is Public Relations and What is Marketing?

– Writing a Press Release

– How to be Interviewed

– Camera Skills

– Effective Social Media

– Find Your Company’s Story – and Tell It!

– Being a Good Guest (TV or Radio)

– Effective Crisis Planning

Team Building

Etiquette is a vital part of business today – and bringing it into your team building room can be a lot of fun!

Our popular team building events are tailor-made for your company, with a bespoke approach that ensures your corporate culture is carefully represented. Please speak to us for ideas about how social, business and dining etiquette can be incorporated into your next team building event in Malta.

Public Speaking Training

Whether you’re working on a small-scale presentation or to make a speech infront of a larger audience, public speaking training can help you to do a great job.

Our one-on- one public speaking training covers:

– Overcoming Fears

– Writing Your Speech

– Effectively Using Your Voice

– Keeping Your Audience Engaged

– Being Entertaining

– Making Your Speech

Spokesperson Services

Do you need a spokesperson to speak on behalf of your brand? Whether at a press conference, launch, social event or with clients in person, our brand ambassadors mold themselves to your corporate culture to become excellent representatives of the work that you do.

Wedding Etiquette

Planning the biggest day of your life? Wondering about the etiquette that will ensure everything is handled correctly and no one gets offended?

At Finesse Consulta we have a developed understanding of wedding etiquette in Malta, and can give you the confidence to ensure everything is managed in the most professional way possible – from the invitations to the seating plan.

Etiquette for Young People

How often do you find yourself saying ‘it wasn’t like that in our day’?

If you’re bothered by the etiquette of the young people in your life or, as a young person, would like to boost your social or business etiquette skills, then speak to us.

Our exciting, hands-on training covers topics including:

– Confidence

– Making an excellent first impression

– Social etiquette and modern manners

– Dining etiquette

– Body language

– Media and correspondence etiquette

– Confident conversation

– Personal presentation

– Networking skills

– Interview techniques and skills

Protocol Training For Business and Government Entities

Protocol dictates the proper way things should be done, whether you’re hosting guests for lunch welcoming an international dignitary. This bespoke training has been created to give businesses and government entities the right informational to handle protocol in particular situations.

Optional topics include:

– Ranking Order in International Relations

– Greeting VIPs

– Seating Plans & Arrangements

– Public Diplomacy

– Bilateral & Multilateral Events

– International Flag Protocol

– Styles of Address

– Invite and Hosting Guidelines

– Attending Events