Operating a business without a strong digital presence in 2021 is, quite frankly, a missed opportunity. Now more than ever, having an effective website is critical to your success. It’s also a great way to exist online on your own terms!

But there’s no use having a website if you don’t have a savvy strategy behind it. And our favourite strategy here at Finesse is to create websites that work for your users; because if it works for them, it will work for you.

Figure out your objective

Here at Finesse, we love to create complete website projects for our clients: from messaging and content to design and technical development. Now, we’ve learnt a few things over the years and, top of that list is to begin with your objective. Sure, your site should contain information about your business or product, but that’s just not enough nowadays. You don’t want people to visit your site without taking action. So, by creating a clear Call to Action for people to schedule a call, download a free PDF, or purchase a product, you’re giving your site purpose and creating new connections with your visitors.

Identify your brand

 The next thing to consider are your visuals. Everything from the car you drive to the biscuits you dip in your tea represent clear brand decisions, and so should your website. A crucial part of creating a digital presence is to help your user know exactly who you are when they interact with you. Your website needs to display a clear logo, brand voice, and colours that instantly shout ‘you!’, while appealing to your customer. This is your chance to get creative so you can become memorable.

Have a messaging strategy

One key element for getting your website right is making sure that your message is on point. For starters, you should always know exactly who your target audience is. Who are you trying to communicate to? What are their interests? What problems could you solve for them? Why should they choose YOU from the many options out there?

When you have a great understanding of who your audience is, you’ll be able to craft a message that speaks to directly to them in a language that resonates. When you don’t, you risk speaking to no one at all.

Consider your user experience

Finally, focus on your user experience. Think like your client, chart their journey, and make your site responsive – and fast, both on desktop and mobile! If you don’t, then you risk annoying your clients with a site that feels clunky, outdated or – our pet peeve – painfully slow. And if you end up with any of those, you’ll lose the game before you’ve even started!

And that’s it, those are our top tips for creating a great website! Oh and, bonus: choose a team that’s on your side and wants the best for you and your success. Yes, it may feel like a slightly greater investment upfront, but the results will mean your site smashes it long term!

Looking to launch a website that works for you and your clients? We’d love to help. Book a free strategy session here so we can start to finesse your online journey now!

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