The Task

Daylight Computer Co., a public-benefit technology company, revolutionised personal computing with the launch of its groundbreaking product, the Daylight DC1 This blue-light-free computer – the first of its kind – promises to foster healthier technology use by reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep and circadian rhythms.

Finesse Group was brought on board to manage the global PR and launch event for this innovative American tech company that seeks to popularise more humane tech. The partnership underscores Finesse Group’s expertise in promoting ‘do-good’ companies.


The Challenge

It has been years since anyone has effectively challenged the status quo of the devices we use. How could Daylight, a company entering a sea of huge competitors, convince consumers that the DC1 was worth trading in the devices they know and love?

Launching a revolutionary product like the Daylight DC1 required meticulous planning and execution to capture the attention of both the media and potential consumers. Our goal was to ensure a successful and impactful launch event that aligned with Daylight’s vision of promoting a healthier, more focused relationship with technology.

The Campaign

Our campaign focused on several key elements to ensure Daylight Computer Co. makes notable noise in the tech world.

  1. Strategic Storytelling: We needed to tell Daylight Computer Co.’s story and emphasise the values it stands for. Communications included details on Daylight’s backstory, the device’s health benefits, and the audiences that it will help. Our campaign also highlighted the Daylight DC1’s revolutionary features, such as its LivePaper™ display and zero blue light technology, framing it as a significant advancement in personal computing. 
  2. Compelling Press Materials: The Finesse team created comprehensive press materials, including press releases and media kits, to guarantee consistent and compelling messaging across all channels. 
  3. The Ideal Venue: We secured a prime venue in San Francisco for the exclusive launch event, ensuring it reflected Daylight Computer Co.’s innovative and health-conscious ethos. Against the backdrop of The Conservatory of Flowers, the DC1 was on display in its intended habitat. 
  4. Media Engagement: We invited top-tier media representatives from both tech and mainstream outlets, providing them with detailed press materials that told the story of the Daylight DC1.
  5. On-Ground Support: Finesse team members flew in to oversee the event, ensuring everything ran smoothly and guests were welcomed and engaged warmly. Being on-site with the Daylight team facilitated effective and efficient event management.

Success Achieved

The launch of the Daylight DC1 was a resounding success. Daylight reached over $2.5 million in sales within days of launch and completely sold out of available devices, highlighting how eager people are to buy tech of this kind. The event garnered significant media coverage, helping to raise awareness and excitement around the new device.



Here’s a snapshot of Daylight DC1’s coverage in the media:

  • Wired: The Daylight Tablet Returns Computing to Its Hippie Ideals
  • The Verge: The Daylight DC1 is a $729 attempt to build a calmer computer
  • Hacker News: #1 Trending story on May 23rd, 2024


We are proud to have partnered with Daylight Computer Co. to launch the Daylight DC1. The campaign not only aligned with Daylight’s vision of a focused, balanced world but also with Finesse Group’s commitment to promoting companies that prioritise social good.

“We chose to work with Daylight because we love their mission. The technology is state-of-the-art and pioneering. It’s always exciting to be part of something that has the potential to change the world!” says Finesse Group CEO Jo Caruana.

As a European PR company tasked with a global PR launch for an American tech company, we were thrilled to contribute to the successful introduction of a product that promises to foster a healthier, more focused future in personal computing. Daylight Computer Co. has a bright future ahead, and we look forward to their continued positive impact on our society.

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