What are the main skills that a copywriter needs to master the ever-changing digital marketing landscape? Here are the six we believe will increase your value in 2021.

As artificial intelligence and software gains more prominence within the digital marketing field, how do we mortal copywriters survive? Well, constantly tweaking our skillset is a start.

As a copywriting agency, we are aware that such skills vary between one year and the next. That is why we’ve identified six must-haves that we believe are essential for you to stand out as a copywriter in 2021.

This first skill will drastically improve everything

Did we succeed in grabbing your attention? We hope so, given that the first essential skill is the ability to write an eye-catching headline – which is what will get any written work noticed, be it a blog, article or landing page.

A well-crafted call to action

Whether you’re selling theatre tickets or luxury holidays, your content will help your client sell and your reader buy. This means that your call to action (CTA) should be a strong one. Knowing how to craft a clickable CTA will result in converting and driving traffic, and ultimately make you more valuable to clients and potential clients.

Understand your audience

More often than not, your client will need you to use your words to target a very particular online niche. One great skill to work on in this aspect is to truly understand that specific audience you’re writing for. Travel, cooking, or bubble gum flavours, the more niche you get, the more in-demand you will be in that sector.

Grabbing Google’s attention

With this skill, you will help search engines to find your content online using keyword targeting. In fact, one of the most valuable skills to master as a copywriter is finding the perfect balance between writing for an audience who want to read your piece, and writing for Google to find your piece. Get the balance right and you’re in business!

Digitally marketing… yourself

Unless you’re working for an agency, you’ll need to use your digital marketing knowledge on a very particular client – yourself! To stay in the spotlight, make use of social media, keep your LinkedIn page up-to-date and active, and curate a great website that represents your standards and work.

Time is of the essence

With an array of work, clients, and deadlines, one necessary skill for a copywriter to hone is great organisation. Scheduling your time to allow enough space for research, writing and editing will not only improve your professionalism and the quality of your work, but be valued by your clients. Bonus: it  will increase your chances of success as a copywriter!

Want to know more?

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