Earlier this year, our very own CEO, Jo Caruana, was featured on the official StoryBrand US podcast, Marketing Made Simple

As a certified StoryBrand Guide in the UK herself, she discussed how we here at the Finesse Group work with our clients to get them the PR they deserve and, ultimately, position them in front of their ideal customers. You’ll find the full podcast, here

But, if you’re not on the podcast train yet (in which case, we suggest you jump right on), we’ve extracted some of the most crucial points from the episode for your reading pleasure – enjoy!

First of all, what is public relations?

Well, put simply it’s a really important (and fun) part of your overall marketing strategy. Marketing is all about paid exposure. Whether it’s digital ads or targeted emails you’re using, your chosen marketing funnels are all part of a paid strategy that will hopefully result in ‘leads’ for your given product or service. 

PR, however, is a bit different. 

Public relations is very linked to the media and is all about finding the right platforms to tell your story. While marketing takes place on your own platforms, in PR, what you want is for people to talk about you. To do this, you will need to establish yourself as an authority in your given field. 

How do you do that, you ask? Well, follow the steps below and you should be well on your way.

Finesse Group - PR platform images (social media, podcast, TV, Radio)

Find your customers

It’s important to find out where your potential customers ‘hang out’, so you can position yourself there and establish yourself as an authority in that space. In StoryBrand terms, you want to present yourself as a guide in a hero space (the hero of course, being your potential customer). 

Oftentimes, our work here at Finesse involves us getting our clients invited into those spaces where they can connect with potential customers; be that through events, or by appearing on podcasts, on online news portals etc. 

Something to consider: For instance, if you’re a marketing strategist looking for new customers, attending conferences with other marketing strategists might be important to keep you up to speed with what’s happening in your industry. But it won’t necessarily connect you to your ideal customers. Instead, think outside the box, and meet your potential audience where they’re at. If perhaps, you’re looking to target real estate agents, attend a real estate conference instead. This way you’ll stand out among the crowd and make your skills and expertise known. 

Bring value to every interaction

The fastest way to offer value to any audience is to solve a problem for them. Identify a specific issue your potential customers are facing and provide them with the information they need to fix it. If you make yourself valuable, people will seek you (and your services) out. 

Finesse Group - CEO Jo Caruana speaking at a workshop

Be media ready 

One thing we do with all our clients here at Finesse is give them media training to ensure that they are confident speaking in public, getting photos taken, and presenting themselves in front of large groups of people. When you’re trying to establish yourself as an authority in a space, confidence really is key!  

Make it timely

Show people why they need you and why they need you now. Consider the StoryBrand framework and think about how you can make your PR newsworthy. We’d recommend always tying your PR in with a current issue. Think about how your perspective can help and inform your potential customers so you’ll be the first person that comes to mind when they’re seeking a service. 

Finesse Group - CEO Jo Caruana sitting down with paper in hand

Be prepared!

That means, doing all the homework you can. Research the event you will be attending (and who’s going to be there), rehearse soundbites or comments for camera, and, ultimately, look (and feel) good. Once you’ve done all that, you can safely walk into any room and make a great PR impression! 

If you’d like some help with your PR, book a consultation with UK/EU Certified StoryBrand Guide, Jo Caruana, today!

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