Landing pages are standalone web pages that potential customers land on when clicking through from an email, ad or other lead generator. Unlike other web pages, landing pages are designed around a singular goal: a call to action – which makes them invaluable when it comes to converting visitors into paying customers. For this reason, you must make sure your landing page is optimised to entice visitors into taking action.

On the Growth Hack podcast, Finesse Group CEO Jo Caruana chatted with host Julian Espinosa about the ins and outs of landing pages. What differentiates an effective landing page from an ineffective one? And how can you optimise your landing page to convert visitors into paying customers?

Spotlight Your Customers

The thing most companies get wrong when it comes to their landing pages is their focus. They tend to concentrate on themselves. And it’s an easy mistake to make because most companies assume that customers want to learn more about the company’s origins or a product’s story.

In reality, though, customers are more interested in how a company fits into their own lives – which is why a web page should be less about the company and more about the customer. 

A landing page should frame the customer’s story by making them the ‘hero’ of their story, and not the company itself. By doing so, your landing page can be designed and written in a way that really resonates directly with your target audience.

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Find Your Niche

Every business is trying to solve a problem. The customers, therefore, buy the solution. This means that if you shift from prioritising sales to prioritising problem-solving on your landing page, you’ll really be harnessing its full potential as a marketing tool. 

When you truly understand the problem your company is there to solve, you’ll also find your ideal customer and, therefore, your heroes. In other words, you’ll find your niche. 

If companies try to be all things to all people, they’ll quickly find that their message does not resonate with anyone. Pinpointing the precise problems your company solves will reveal your ideal consumers, which will lead you to the most appropriate niche for your business.

Understand who you are helping and how. Then, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and leave a greater impression on your target audience. The market is so oversaturated that companies need to be direct with their messaging. If you don’t find your niche, your messaging will be non-specific and vague, and will ultimately fail to cut through the noise.

Get Your Hero to Take Action

Your heroes need to hear a variety of things in order to take action. 

Customers need to:

  1. Believe that your company is going to change their lives by solving their problem.
  2. Feel heard and trust that you both understand and care about them and their problem – which is why all great copywriting and messaging show empathy.
  3. A clear plan. They need to know what steps to take for you to solve their problem. They need a call to action. 
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Many companies underutilise their landing pages by including a feeble, passive call to action, like “Learn More”. To convert a visitor into a customer, however, you must clearly tell them what to do next, and this is where strong, active language is crucial. 

Lay out a vision of success for them, and detail the steps they should take to achieve it. Motivate your customers to take a tangible, clear and specific action which connects them directly with your business. For instance, tell them to “Register Now” or “Reserve Your Spot” with a sense of urgency and energy.

Crucially, by tailoring your landing page and messaging, your mission will resonate with your desired audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers. Don’t be afraid to whittle down your audience to find your niche. Remember: your company cannot do everything for everyone. It may feel counterproductive to edit your copy to make it more specific, but if you don’t, your messaging will fall flat. It will be too vague to connect with your ideal customers – the ones you could truly problem-solve for.

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