The pandemic has made it difficult to organise events, but that doesnt mean you should give up especially when it comes to PR. Here, we bring you the five key tips you need to plan your event and prep for anything COVID-19 may throw your way.

Despite public gatherings reappearing on our radar, many companies still feel cautious about organising a public relations event. How will guests feel about attending? Will safety measures and restrictions change again and again before the day arrives?

We understand that it’s a big deal and your concerns are founded. Here at Finesse, we have had to both postpone and cancel events for our clients over the past year, so we get your frustration.

But events remain an important part of PR strategy. Sometimes, they are vital.

The good news is that we have also managed to organise PR events successfully during the COVID period – so it is possible! Here is how you can make your event both safe and fun despite the pandemic.

Safety first

Before anything else, your event must be safe. As the day draws nearer, double-check your health authority’s latest measures and guidelines – and do it often. Following them is non-negotiable. Guided by experts, you can rest assured that you’ll have done all you can to prioritise your guests’ health and wellbeing.

 Be ready to adapt

 We’re all now used to expecting the unexpected when it comes to COVID. Even though you’ll have made some great plans, remember they might not turn out exactly as you want them to. But don’t fret! Work these expectations into your concept from the get-go. That way, you’ll give yourself the flexibility to adapt easily should the health and safety guidelines change.

Communicate openly 

Understandably, guests might not feel as comfortable attending an event now as they would have been before the pandemic. Give them as much information as you can to help them decide about whether to attend and whether they’ll need to take any special precautions. Communicate with them from the moment you announce the event until the day it is held and update them of any changes as soon as you can.

 Be creative

Given the circumstances, we have had to think outside the box to find new and different ways of doing things. We have learned that our previous methods are not necessarily the only options we have. And this has fuelled our creativity. People the world over have come up with some truly brilliant ideas about how to hold events. So, before you brainstorm your first concept, sit down, do your research, and think through the different things you could feasibly achieve while abiding by COVID-related rules.

Plan for the worst

 No one wants to think of having to cancel their event. Even so, this could happen. But there’s no need to panic – certainly not if you’ve got a backup plan in place. So, be prepared. Make sure you think through your financials and try to secure a good insurance plan.

And, above all, keep in constant contact with your guests so that nobody’s shocked if you do need to cancel or postpone the event.

Looking for support in planning a COVID-proof PR event? Were here to help! Get in touch via [email protected].

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