You know you need content, but you don’t know how to find a copywriter that will suit your business goals. We hear you! We’re a leading copywriting agency and we can help.

If you run a business, then you’re going to need content. And you’re probably going to need lots of content. Think about it: there’s your blog, your website, your social media, your emails, your video scripts, your adverts, your radio scripts, your podcasts… almost everything you do in business requires content.

 That’s why our clients – who range from solopreneurs to big businesses – find that one of their most important hires is a great copywriter.

 But now that you know you need a copywriter, what can you do to make the most of your relationship so you gain the best possible value? How can you use a copywriter to reduce your to-do list and grow your business? These are our tips!

Work out which type of copywriter you need

Yes, of course you need someone who writes brilliantly. But there are specialised copywriters, and your business might need one. So perhaps you’re in hospitality or finance, and you want a writer who’s going to create a sales page for you. Well, there are specialised copywriters for that, and they will bring unique expertise to the table. So, if you are in a particular sector (such as small business growth, coaching, or real estate) look for a copywriter with experience in those areas. It will expedite their learning of your business and mean you can piggyback off their past successes for faster growth.

Ask to see their portfolio

If a copywriter doesn’t have a portfolio, that’s a red flag. When you’re thinking of hiring a copywriter, start by asking to see their portfolio so you can quickly get an idea of the kind of things they’ve written in the past. If these examples match up to the kind of things you want them to create, great! If not, then we recommend you keep looking – or get ready to spend a lot of time coaxing them towards your desired results. The right copywriter will be able to demonstrate experience relevant to your project, or show enthusiasm to learn quickly and deliver on what you need.

Set deadlines upfront

One of the biggest complaints we get from clients who have had bad experiences with copywriters in the past is ‘they didn’t stick to deadlines’. The thing is, deadlines are critical to copywriters. They are both our worst nightmare and our biggest goal. Before you hire a writer, make sure they can hit the deadline you have in mind. If they can work to your schedule, that’s one potential headache checked off your list. And although this isn’t your responsibility, do feel free to follow up a couple of days before the deadline to make sure everything is on track!

Find out what their past clients think

An experienced writer will have a slew of testimonials from their past clients and will be happy to put you in touch with them if you have specific questions. If a writer says “sure, let me connect you!” that’s a good sign. We recommend you then do some digging to see whether their clients were happy with the results and ROI, as well as if the writer was pleasant to work with, delivered on-time and on-brief. Once you have that insight, you’ll feel safer about working with that writer and look forward to receiving your content.

The first draft is not the last draft

Finally, when you’re working with a writer, remember that their first draft isn’t the last draft. Your job as a client will be to receive that first draft, to look over it, and to give really clear feedback to the writer so that they can present a second draft. If you receive a first draft that’s not exactly what you wanted, don’t panic! Just pass on comments in a constructive way, and a good writer will be able to fix everything by the second or third draft. Job done!

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