Why does anyone run a business? Put simply, it’s because they want to sell a product they believe in or offer others a great service. We are all passionate about what we do and feel, deep down, that we can make our customers’ lives better because of it.

But how do you find those customers to begin with? Long gone are the days when reaching out to the public simply involved a few newspapers, magazines or billboards. Similarly, competition today is not merely limited to local opposition.

When it comes to business and marketing opportunities, the world is your oyster – but this also means that public relations can be a seriously complicated business. The ever-changing landscape of social media and the global world we live in boil down to one key fact: if you want to set your brand apart from the competition and stand a chance of making an impact, you need a PR company that knows what it’s doing.

That said, the decision to take on a PR company isn’t one you should take lightly – which is why it helps to know the top benefits you want to look out for. Here are a few that we at Finesse help our clients maximise.


Your company’s reputation is its most valuable asset. But do people know about it? PR shares your stories by putting you in the limelight and helps would-be customers see themselves through the lens of your existing customers. How? Because they’re hearing about you from others who are in a similar position to them and who they can therefore identify with.

Good public relations could be the difference between a customer wanting to use your product (thanks to someone else’s recommendation), or just scrolling past your marketing, which can start to feel like more of the same as it’s just your brand talking about itself.  

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PR companies work to have good connections with a variety of top news and media outlets, as well as media influencers and people connectors. That’s why they can help you get effective coverage within your chosen target market – better than you ever can on your own.

And what’s more, when content is well written (another major selling point of good PR agencies), then your message will likely be picked up by numerous news and media outlets, simply because it is already tailored to their readers and fits in with their platform. It’s the kind of content they would want to write themselves and serves to expand your reach. Win-win!

An outside eye on your business

Let’s face it – there is always room for improvement in most businesses, and the most useful advice often comes from an unbiased source. PR firms are excellent at knowing what attracts an audience and what just doesn’t work. They can help you accentuate the positives and iron out the negatives. They can tell what is newsworthy about your business and advise professionally on how to plan events that will reach your target audience.

You know you’re in good hands when you get an objective evaluation that highlights the good, the bad, and the opportunities for your brand to shine.

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Consistent online activity

With people turning to their phones for everything – from news and entertainment to advice on what to eat, wear and do – it can be hard to cut through the noise and grab (then hold) prospects’ attention. If you want people to keep up with your company and not scroll past to the next ‘best hair and beauty products’ or ‘top-of-the-range homeware’, any PR company will tell you that you must be the one to keep up.

In a world of fluctuating interests and ever-shortening attention spans, maintaining an online presence that puts you at the fore of public attention has never been so important. And that’s exactly what PR professionals who are on the pulse of social sentiment can help you do.

SEO know-how

All the best PR companies also have extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, which could help you to rank better in Google searches. The better SEO-ed your content is, the easier it will be for you to be found by prospects far and wide, and the more customers you will be able to connect with.

Thinking of hiring a PR company? We’d love to explain more about the benefits and guide you on what could work best for you! Reach out to Finesse today to learn more.

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