Does your business need a launch event?

Are you debating whether to organise a launch event for your business? Are you weighing the pros and cons of cost vs PR? We get it – and we’ve noted down some pointers to help you decide. 

Here at Finesse, we love creating events for our clients – especially ones that leave guests energised and talking about them long after they’ve ended.

Done well, a good event is always a good idea. However, there are some factors you should keep in mind when organising one, including its desired outcome, its costs and even lockdown limitations (thanks COVID!).

To make it easier for you to decide whether to hold a launch event or not, we’ve listed the key things you should know before setting a date.

You Will Create a Buzz

A launch will help create a buzz around your new business venture, product or project. You will give guests something to look forward to (after all, who doesn’t love the chance to get dressed up these days?) and talk about. They’ll also feel part of your business, which will help boost the word-of-mouth marketing that could spearhead your success.

Organic PR Will Follow

By creating a memorable business event, you’ll organically create PR. Guests will talk about your launch, and it may even make it onto social media or into the press. Our tip here is to create a press release to send out after your event, along with some pictures of your guests having a great time. People love to see photos of people, so this simple tweak to your plan could make all the difference!

But What About COVID19?

The pandemic has made it really difficult to organise launches and events in general, but that shouldn’t put you off entirely and there’s every opportunity to get creative. Here at Finesse, we’ve organised some great online launches and socially-distanced events. They may not have been what we were used to in 2019, but they still created a buzz and resulted in the uptick in PR that our clients were hoping for. Put simply: don’t let Covid hold you back.

The Cost vs Reward Dilemma

When sitting down with our clients to discuss their business launch, budget always comes into it – and we understand! Yes, launches are expensive. There’s the venue cost, food, alcohol and entertainment. But in our experience, the benefits outweigh the costs, so let’s plan that party!

Keep It Simple

When you’re planning your event, keep the real goal in mind: your guests will be getting together to celebrate the fact that you have done something amazing by starting this new project or phase in your business. Your steps forward deserve to be celebrated, and a launch will give you the space and time to do exactly that. Keep this thought at the forefront of your event, and the rest will take shape.

Still Undecided?

More often than not, events of this kind result in brilliant PR, new connections and a new lease of life of your business. So, if it were up to us… we’d tell you to go for it!

Got any specific questions on how to organise PR for your business? Get in touch on [email protected] – we’re happy to help!

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