Media Match: Your low-risk, high-reward PR partner

Traditional PR model doesn’t fit everyone’s needs – especially when you’re just starting out or running a lean operation. That’s why we’ve crafted Media Match to be a personalized PR service designed for those taking their first steps into the media limelight!

Media Match:

Your low-risk, high-reward PR partner

Traditional PR model doesn’t fit everyone’s needs – especially when you’re just starting out or running a lean operation.

That’s why we’ve crafted Media Match to be a personalized PR service designed for those taking their first steps into the media limelight!

Join the likes of our Media Match clients with features in…

Breaking into the Spotlight Shouldn’t Break the Bank

  • Are you a small brand or solo entrepreneur navigating the costly and complex maze of PR?

  • Are you frustrated that your ideal clients don’t know you exist, while your competitors are always in the spotlight?
  • Do you need a simple way to take those initial steps into the PR world without the overwhelming risk and expense?

With Media Match, you get…

Targeted Audience Reach

Access to Global Media

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Affordable Entry

For a modest onboarding fee of $450, we open the doors to a world of PR opportunities.

This fee isn’t just a ticket to a new network;

  • it’s an investment into a strategy call with our expert team
  • the creation of your compelling media bio
  • and your integration into an extensive network of media contacts looking for stories like yours.


The best part? After setup, you only pay when you’re successfully featured in the media.

With a success fee of $450 per placement, our goals align perfectly with yours.

Whether it’s a niche blog or a national publication, our commitment to your success remains unwavering – with no extra charges for top-tier placements.

Tailored Opportunities

We meticulously match your expertise with the right media requests.

Our team’s deep understanding of your background and goals ensures that each opportunity aligns perfectly with your brand, enhancing your visibility where it matters most.

Ready to get your brand seen?

Take the first step into the PR world without the fear of heavy commitments or daunting expenses.

Media Match by Finesse Group is here to guide you through and help you create an impressive ‘as-seen-in’ portfolio.

Get started with Media Match in 3 steps…

Step 1

Sign up to
Media Match

Step 2

Schedule your onboarding call with the team

Step 3

Start getting featured
in the media

Trust Finesse for the Most Compelling PR Strategies and Storytelling Tactics

Jo Caruana is the founder of Finesse Group and is a skilled PR strategist and the founder of the Finesse Group. With her GOTHAM PR Framework and StoryBrand Certified Guide expertise, Jo is dedicated to helping businesses, big and small, craft engaging stories that resonate with their audience.

Jo’s passion for empowering small businesses shines through in her approachable and tailored style. Combining GOTHAM with the StoryBrand methodology, she offers a unique perspective on PR efforts, making her – and her team – accessible and sought-after allies for anyone keen to boost their authority by becoming media-ready thought leaders.

How Media Match can benefit you and your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Media Match is a low risk, low-cost, personalized PR service designed to help our clients get featured in the media. Thanks to our network of journalists around the world, we receive requests every single day looking for great people for them to feature. We simply match sources to requests, resulting in great PR coverage – and we only charge when they get placed.

We onboard you as a journalist source for $450.

This includes a strategy call with our team where we get to know you and your PR goals. After this chat, our team creates your media bio and uploads you as a source across all our directories.

Our team then pitches you as a source whenever a journalist request feels relevant. If you are successfully named or featured in a story, then we charge a success fee of $450.

Following the initial setup, clients only pay when we successfully land them a PR piece in a publication.

This performance-based model ensures that our interests are aligned with our clients’ – we are motivated to actively seek out the best PR opportunities for them.

The one-time setup fee covers the costs associated with creating your biography, setting up your profile in our system, and the initial efforts to integrate you into our network of media contacts. This fee ensures that we can provide a high-quality, personalized service from the outset.

When you sign up for Media Match, our team works closely with you to develop your comprehensive and compelling biography.

This includes understanding your professional background, areas of expertise, and any specific achievements or insights you wish to highlight. The biography is crafted to appeal to journalists and media outlets in relevant fields.

Our team thoroughly reviews each media request that comes in to ensure it aligns with your areas of expertise and professional goals.

We leverage our understanding of your background – as outlined in your bio – to match you with opportunities that are most likely to benefit your personal brand and professional objectives.

Journalists send out requests from all corners of the media. From small niche blogs and podcasts to national publications, our network covers a lot of ground.

And, we don’t charge extra for placement in top-tier publications – the success fee is the same across the board.

Recent requests include those from Newsweek,, Homes & Gardens, BBC, Fox News, US News, Yahoo, and more.

No, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in a story.

We rely on relevant journalists’ requests, and on journalists feeling like you are the best fit for their story.

For the one-time set up fee you will still get your media bio and strategy call, and then you will only be charged an additional cost if you get named in a story.

Yes! Finesse Group is a full service PR company and we would be happy to partner with you on a more involved service. We can help form a strategy to get you placed in the media, land speaking opportunities, secure a TedTalk, and plenty more.

Reach out to our CEO Jo today to set up a call today, so you can discuss anything PR/media/StoryBrand or marketing that you would like help with.