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Join the Finesse Writers’ Club

  • Expertise from Top Copywriters

  • Live Coaching Calls

  • Writing Tasks to Build Your Portfolio

  • Exclusive Online Writers’ Community

Become a member for €18 a month

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An Exclusive Club for Writers (and Aspiring Writers!)… by Writers

Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a writer growing your portfolio, or someone hoping to start a commercial content writing portfolio and to professionalise, writing can be very lonely! But every good writer needs an outside eye and a place to go for advice about everything from writing the best headlines to finding new job opportunities.

At Finesse, we have over 15 years’ experience in the writing world, with millions of words published for clients across the globe. Now, after the HUGE success of our first edition membership in June, we’re opening our close-knit writing circle to new members! So you too can experience the benefits of having writing buddies on hand for coaching, conversation and collaboration. We look forward to welcoming you!

Should I join the Finesse Writers’ Club?

We’re all busy, right? If you’re writing professionally, starting from scratch, or growing your portfolio, you’ve got enough on your plate just getting words on paper. But what if we could make it more fun? And make you a better writer in the process?

Here’s what the Finesse Writers’ Club gives you every month!

Writing Expertise

Led by top copywriter and creative entrepreneur Jo Caruana, you’ll get professional insight and live tips directly from Jo and her team on a regular basis. You can submit items to be edited, ask questions about how to level-up as a writer, and gain helpful industry experience.

Community & Connection

The Finesse Writers’ Club lives in Slack, where you’ll meet other writers in a similar situation – all looking for great connections with other writers for advice, conversation and even collaboration. Trust us: it’s such a relief to meet and regularly chat with other people who get what being a writer is all about – good, bad and grammatically obsessive!

An Outside Eye

Ever longed for a second pair of eyes on your content? Now you’ve got one! You can submit your work to the twice-monthly Finesse Coaching Calls for the chance to have it edited live by Jo or a member of her team. It’s like having an on-tap copyeditor and writing mentor all in one!

Tips & Accountability

Some of the best tips we’ve ever learned have come from other writers! Learn from our coaching calls, complete writing tasks to build your portfolio, and connect with fellow wordsmiths in our Slack channel. This is your one-stop shop for the writing inspiration, insight and community you’ve been looking for!

Let Me Into the Club!

We’re accepting new Writers’ Club Members at the very special rate of €18 per month!

This monthly rate won’t ever be as low again, so this is the perfect time to secure your spot and start improving your writing skills from the very first call.

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What’s in our Writers’ Club?

As a Member of the Finesse Writers’ Club, your monthly subscription will stay at the low price of €18 per month – for as long as you’re a member! This includes:

  • Two group coaching calls a month with Jo Caruana or a member of her team
  • The chance for your work to be edited live

  • Regular tasks to help build your writing portfolio

  • Access to the Finesse Writers’ Club online community

  • On-demand access to Coaching Call replays and exclusive webinars

  • And much more!

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Here’s what existing Club members have to say!

Finesse’s writing community has given me the opportunity to learn about industry changes while polishing my writing. In each coaching session, I mastered writing techniques and learned how to better promote my work.

Plus, the online community is excellent for networking. I heartily recommend Finesse to anyone who wants to elevate their writing – whether it is your first day as a writer, or your first decade.”

Laura Bonnici, Writer

The Writers’ Club has provided a safe space for me to put myself out there, bounce ideas off of others and learn from more experienced writers in the process

Daniela GB, Writers' Club Member

it’s been an extremely positive and enriching experience for me so far. If anyone’s interested in taking their writing to the next level, I would highly recommend the writers’ club.”

Daniel C, Writer's Club Member

I joined Finesse’s writing community because I loved writing for fun – but I soon realised I could actually get paid to write. The writing tasks were pivotal. Having my work critiqued by experts among like-minded people was a treat, and I made some wonderful connections.

If you’re looking to improve your writing and network with other copywriters, I highly recommend Finesse!”

Becky Gera, Aspiring Commercial Writer

Who is the Finesse Writers’ Club for?

Anyone who writes or is curious about writing commercial content!

That includes:

  • Seasoned content writers & copywriters

  • Unpublished writers

  • Students

  • Social media content creators

  • Journalists & reporters

  • Bloggers

  • Print writers

  • Digital writers

Whatever type of writer you are – or want to be – this is the writers’ club for you!

Join the club!

Your Writing Ally!

Jo Caruana has been a copywriter for over 15 years. In that time, she’s trained and mentored countless other writers – some of whom have gone on to join her team at Finesse, and others who have gone on to write creatively and commercially all over the world!

Now she’s excited to share her expertise with more writers than ever in the Finesse Writers’ Club, so you too can gain the insight, tips and expertise to take your writing goals to the next level.

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Writers of all descriptions! Professional writers, aspiring writers, junior writers, online writers, print writers… the list goes on. The Club has been designed to support writers of all levels, with informal group coaching calls and an online community that’s exclusive to those with a passion for words.
You’ll gain access to two live group coaching sessions per month and the exclusive Finesse Writers’ Club online community. You’ll also receive regular writing tasks, and can submit your writing for review on a first-come, first-served basis. You’ll also gain access to any additional events and activities we organise, so stay tuned!

Nope! Even if you haven’t written your first article, you’re welcome to join, engage and learn. There’s something to gain at every level of writing experience.

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on joining – if you change your mind, just let us know and we’ll refund your first payment! You can also cancel at any time – but since your subscription will be automatically renewed each month, don’t forget to cancel your subscription at least 7 days before your monthly renewal date. Once your subscription has been renewed, we cannot refund any payments made. But you will of course be able to cancel your subscription to prevent future payments.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to members that want to pay annually. September Members pay €194.40 (instead of €216) per year.

You can pay through our online payment portal here!

While we cannot edit work on a one-to-one basis, you can submit writing for us to edit on a live group coaching call. We dedicate 90 minutes twice a month to live coaching, and work is edited on a first-submitted, first-served basis! You can submit your work over email or Slack.

Zoom. You’ll receive the link on email and in Slack before every call.

Not ready to join the Club just yet but still keen to level-up? Download our guide on the:

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