Photographs of your PR event are essential for many reasons: to create hype around your business or product, document the event for future reference, expand and enhance news possibilities, and make the impact of all your effort last as long as possible.

The best way to go about this is to choose a great event photographer and to brief them beforehand so they’ll know exactly what to prepare, and what to shoot on the day.

You’ll need to plan ahead so you can guide them accordingly. So, to help, weve listed the six types of photos your photographer should take to maximise the results of your PR event.

Your venue, all done up

You’ve put a lot of thought into how the venue is going to look and what special features your guests will enjoy, so it would be a shame not to capture it in all its glory! Ask your photographer to arrive well before your guests to get shots of the venue and setup, for documentation purposes and to show the setup in its entirety.

The product in focus

Oh, and theres one other type of shot to take before your guests arrive: the product shot!. Together with your photographer, set up a spot at the event where the product can be styled and photographed properly. A good product shot is always essential for a complete media kit. 

A posing wall

Save space in your venue specifically for people to have their picture takenor to take their own pictures! Create a Insta-ready backdrop where your photographer can take pictures of guests and they can grab some of their own for their socials. Fun social media posts mean effortless marketing for you, while also creating a buzz around your business generated through word of mouth!

Sweet and candid

Everyone loves natural pictures, where guests are sneakily caught having a good time. Candid photos capture the vibe of an event better than anything, and theyre the type of pictures that everyone loves sifting through on social media. Use these images for your own pages, or send them to the media for added publicity.

One for the team

Once you come to the end of your event, the team members that put it together usually share a strong sense of camaraderie upon seeing all their work come to fruition. Make sure to capture this moment! Team photos are perfect social media content and make for great additions to your media kit, too.

Tip: Take photos both of individual teams from designated sections, and one big group photo at the end!

What goes on behind the scenes

Lastly, everyones curious about what they cant see. That’s why it’s always a great idea to capture those special behind the scenes moments. Ask your photographer to capture some unposed pictures of the team in action before and during the event they help spruce up any story!

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