If you are not born a good writer, could you become one? The answer is a definite ‘yes’… with the right effort. Here’s how!

Here at the Finesse Group, we’ve spent enough years in the field to know that writing well isn’t simply a skill you are born with. It is also one you can learn and excel in; that is if the necessary time and effort is put in.

Admittedly, it won’t be a walk in the park to get where you need to be, but there are simple steps you can repeatedly take to get there. And the good news is that you can begin them today! To set you off on the right track, we’ve outlined them here.

Let great writers inspire you

It’s impossible to be a good writer without being inspired by other great writers. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read the classics every day, but we do suggest reading a variety of writers to find the styles you connect with. The more you read, the more you will enjoy writing, and the more you will find your voice!

Write, write and write some more

Once you start writing, write as much as you can. Then ask people to read your work and provide feedback. Besides slowly building a portfolio, you will gain more confidence in your work, and learn about what you can do to improve it.

Keep an idea notebook

As writers and creative people, ideas pop into our heads all the time. That is why it is a good idea to keep track of these ideas – so you can revert back to them when needed. We recommend keeping a notebook to-hand at all times, and jotting down any idea that comes to you.

The importance of editing

Editing is a significant part of the writing process that’s often overlooked, but we can’t stress the importance of taking time to edit your work enough. In fact, we suggest dividing your time working on a piece into three equal parts: researching, writing and editing. Then, improve your work further by taking on feedback and making your second draft even better!

Why not join a course?

A good course in writing will also help you on your journey to becoming a good writer. You will learn techniques from people with more experience in the field and be provided with a professional space to work, and be guided in.

In fact, if you are thinking of a career in copywriting and want to get the foundation right, then why don’t you join the waiting list for our upcoming copywriting course ‘Finesse Your Writing’? It will help improve your writing and you will learn all the fundamentals of how to be a successful copywriter. Sign up at byfinessegroup.com/learning!

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