5 Things to Consider Before Becoming A Content Writer

Content writing is an exciting path to pursue. At the same time, it’s not as simple as some may believe it to be, and it’s not the right match for everyone. We’ve outlined five things to consider before diving in!

Call us biased, but content writing is one of the most rewarding careers out there. You learn new things on a daily basis, meet different people, and have an outlet to pour all that bubbling creative energy into.

However, like every other industry, it has its tough side and, if you’re thinking about becoming a content writer, we believe that there are factors you should consider. To help, we’ve outlined the 5 questions to ponder before taking the plunge.

How deep is your love… for writing?

The reality of a writing career is not as romanticised as people tend to think. It mostly involves writing thousands of words to be delivered to clients under tight deadlines. Does this sound appealing to you? If not, then maybe you should reconsider.

Can you work without deadline pressure?

Many copywriters find it difficult to work without deadline pressure, but this is one hurdle you’ll definitely need to overcome in order to be successful. Assignments often have similar deadlines, and a large influx of work means that you will need to manage your time well to fit all of them in – even if the deadline is far away!

Do you have good ideas?

A love for idea generation is critical if you’re thinking of becoming a content writer – seeing as you’ll constantly need to pitch ideas to your editor or client. Taking the initiative to do so will also allow them to recognise you as a valuable asset to the team!

Do you enjoy keeping up with trends?

Technology is constantly evolving – and the copywriter’s role along with it. You could be writing an article one minute, then coming up with a script for a Tik Tok video the next. If you’re excited by experimenting and adapting your skills to emerging platforms, then that’s definitely a sign that you’re headed in the right direction!

Are you a hard worker?

To clear a common misconception… copywriting is not a walk in the park, and there is a lot more to it than merely putting words to paper (or screen). For one thing, the writing process involves plenty of researching and thorough editing. Besides that, you have to continuously brainstorm good ideas, meet tight deadlines, and professionally deliver work to your clients.

Sounds like you?

If you still feel like it’s the path for you and you’d like to know more about how copywriting could become a business or side hustle, then why not sign up to the wait list of our upcoming course ‘Finesse Your Writing’? Through it, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to become a successful copywriter. Add your name at byfinessegroup.com/learning!

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